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Our extensive training program, leaves no detail unchecked.

Our Training Second to None

Premier Building Services provides ongoing training for all staff. The Premier Services Training program consists of the following training:

ORIENTATION TRAINING is completed during the first few days of work. It is performed by a Supervisor and provides each employee with an overall introduction to the company and the client.

ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING is completed during the first day of work. It is performed by the Supervisor and teaches the skills required for an employee to excel. Also, a sixty-day follow-up is performed. This training is repeated on an annual basis.

CLASSROOM TRAINING is performed on an annual basis. It consists of a series of both “mandatory” educational programs and other related topics. It consists of educational programs presented by management.  Special focus is given to Surgical Center Cleaning Services.

are conducted to ensure that the staff are competent in their profession and fully understand their role for both the company and clients.

ACCOUNT SPECIFIC CLEANING PROCEDURES TRAINING is conducted at the beginning of each new contract. Management conducts this training that incorporates the Premier Building Services tasks and the clients’ policies and procedures.